Longmont Homeschool Group - Longmont, Colorado’s eclectic, inclusive homeschool group.

Welcome to the Longmont Homeschool Group . We are the areas most ‘happenin’ homeschool group. Here in Longmont, Colorado, we enjoy park days, play dates, Mom’s night out and all sorts of other wonderful gatherings. This week (and every week) there is a great group of homeschoolers gathering here in Longmont.  Joining is simple and free. Just click Longmont Homeschool Group.

Longmont Homeschool Group is an eclectic, inclusive group welcoming people of various faiths or lack of faith, various homeschool styles, various lifestyles…Just Plain Variety in general! We do not have a ‘standard’ philosophy or faith that we all belong to and we greatly enjoy our diversity and accepting community.  Things are never dull. Everyone is welcome!If you are just considering homeschooling, we’ve got a ton of resources including information on starting out, Colorado homeschool law, homeschool classes and other homeschool support groupsWhat? This one isn’t good enough for you? ; )

Hope to see you at a Longmont’s premiere, eclectic homeschool park day real soon!


To contact us, send an email to LongmontNICHE-owner at yahoogroups.com


Special thanks to Michelle J. for compiling the list of public school programs for homeschoolers.

Special thanks to Helen F. for creating the wonderful packet that became so much of the content on this site.

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